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Sun 10/26/2014 5:51 PM

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Herro Family!!!!!!! 
this week is going to be a fast email cuz we aint got much time.  Takamatsu is awesome and we are already having fun out here.  My new comp is Elder Marques hes 12th transfer 3 ahead of me and we opened the second set of elders here in this area so just like a whitewash we start from scratch.  We still dont have desks or bikes or room to sleep cuz of our bags but it is what it is right now hahaha.  The train ride was long and boring but not super far.  

The weather goes from winter to summer in an hour but its nice and cool at night. its actually perfect right now. This week we went to go eat at the hotel in imabari at the lunch buffet before i hopped on the train.  Not great but the view was good.  THen when we were in okayama waiting for my comp to get here we did it again in okayama at a pretty tall hotel.  20 bucks decent food and all you can eat, pretty good day.  

These first few weeks or so are gunna be hard but we work well together and we are ready to work.  I dont have much time this week we gotta go to the batting cage and practice for the branch softball tourney against marugame and tokushima branches CHEEEE!  God loves us and Jesus is awesome its all over the scriptures.  

When times get tough drop your pride, put your head down, give thanks to God and get to work.  


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