Tuesday, January 20, 2015

11/9/2014 Email

Herro Famiry!!! This week was super short, nothing too crazy.  We had a halloween party after english class which kinda sucked but the kids had fun so it was alright.  Then on sat we went fishing with the branch president akamatsu kaicho and a less active.  It was pretty boring and i remembered why i dont like fishing but we had a good time.  Only caught fugu and there are a billion of them in the ocean here, thats all that people catch.  

On sat and sunday we had district conference which was really good.  They called a new district president because the old one is getting transferred to nara and the new one is an american.  His japanese is really good and I know that the Lord knows what he is doing but it is kinda sad.  Where are all of the Japanese priesthood holders?  

Sorry short rant lol.  Anyways i am fine and i dont need anything right now.  As a mission we are starting to read the BOM while highlighting in different colors; 1-any references of Christ Lord or any other name, 2-attributes of Christ, and 3-anything he said.  

Maybe you all can get a new clean copy and read with me.  The mission has a goal to finish it by march 1st so thats what im gunna be studying for a while.  Anyways LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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