Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 3rd 2014

The island you see....that is Hanohano Chorro (Kana'i) Mission (Fukuoka)

Herro Famiry, hows everything going.  
I is good and i dont need anything right now.  actually pictures would be nice.  its been really nice lately to scroll through pictures on my ipod of the fam and i have the pic of noah giving the big hawaiian man statue a purple nurple as my home screen.

  I miss you guys.  Insight this week huh uhm i was listening to john bytheway the other day the first solo and when he talks about how his instructor got out of the plane and said "remember what i taught you." i was thinking about this the other day and i would be very surprised if our heavenly father before we were sent down to earth didnt pull us aside, talk to us for as long as we needed and then send us on our way having said something very similar.  I have that written down on the front of my planner to remind me throughout the day.  

The most challenging thing this week was that our most solid investigator dropped us the other day because he felt that he cant understand what we were teaching.  we were trying to teach as simply as possible but we could have done better.  We still have some comp issues but we are slowly working those out.  just missionary life no biggie.  

I have learned from my companion that being a pharisee is not fun so i will continue being futsu hito hahaha gotta smell the roses while ur out here or you will go crazy.

Havent really learned anything new recently except that during obon they "catch" god in this box in their house.

Onmaku was sat and yesterday which was pretty cool. we got to see 15min of the firework show and there was maguro from the giant tokyo fish market, was so ono.  OH AND I SAW A SQUIRREL! it was in a cage and i have a pic but i forgot my memory card reader at home zanen.

anyways LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

August 17th 2014

Herro peoples!

I is good same, and the comp is also good.  We saw kaicho last tues which was good.  The weather is pretty sucky lately lots of rain and its hot and humid all the time.  The most spiritual thing this week was zone taikai.

 Kaichos vision is much different from zinke kaichos so there are a lot of changes going on right now.  We will probably get ipod minis in septemberish. This weeks happy moments were talking to some of my mtc district on tuesday and stuffs like that.  The moneeys is ok right now.  I ate jellyfish on thursday which was not very good. It didnt taste bad but it had yucky texture.  

Oh did you send the package already? I need shoe goo, my cole hans are dying but they are still good i just need some goo.  Anyways this week was pretty slow, lots and lots of housing.  I is ok tho.  anything exciting happen in the world? I got an email from Jaren so i gots to reply to that oh and garrett emailed me. hes in cali right now but he should be heading over to brazil shortly.  yea das about it lol LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Artsy pic....walking to the pad at marugame

August 24, 2014 Email

Howsit fam!  
I is good, this week was a good one.  Uhm most spiritual thing this week was my talk yesterday on forgiveness, the branch really needs to learn how to forgive. 

Funnest thing was a companion exchange with Phillips choro from my mtc district. We got to spend 2 days together while our comps were at DLT.  Hardest thing this week was my talk lol nihongo wa muzukashi ne.  The comp is doing good.  We got into it again like last week or two weeks ago cant remember but since then we have been getting along really well.  

The investigators are getting better. We may have a baptism this transfer but we shall see.  Food is tasty yes.  We ate with the branch president last monday but we dont normally eat at members houses.  They bring us food on sunday which is really nice. 

 Weather has been pretty crappy lately lots of rain and it is super humid all the time and super hot.  

Did you see Elder Bednars talk on social media and electronic devices? Check it out
The work of the lord is being hastened!!!

we will probably get mini ipads next month which is gunna be sweet!  Why dont i go and issue a challenge ne! have you all seen the because of him video yet?

it is awesome go to and watch the vid and then BE INSPIRED.  Find something you can do today to hasten the work of our Father in Heaven.  READY GO!!! 
I loveth thou,

time to get to work

August 31, 2014 Email from Yee Chorro

Herro famiry!  
how is everyone doing?  I is doing good.  Things are pretty quiet here for me at the moment.  The comp has one more week from today which is madness unto itself cuz he is freaking out just a bit but its auight for now.  Our investigators are few and the days are spent knocking on doors.  

Transfer email is next week monday and i have no idea what is going on. 

Are there lots of pictures on the memory stick you are sending?  I like pictures of everyone and of my friends and such.  i can print nice photo paper pics here for pretty cheap and recreate the fam photo album with better quality pics if you send them to me on the memory stick.  

This week has been full of straight hard work and i am exhausted.  Luckily there are these like jelly protein/ vitamin/energy drink thingys at all of the convenience stores.  

This weeks spiritual focus for me comes from Jesus the Christ i forget which page and chapter but its in the peace be still chapter.  It talkes about how Christ lived the law of health however he never allowed the body to rule the spirit.  

I can do much better in making sure that my body never rules my spirit.  There are many times throughout the day that my body wants to do a pudge and sit in the middle of the road cuz im tired but i gotta keep working.  I want to sleep during study but gotta study.  

The lord is mindful of us and of all of our wants needs and desires and he will bless us as we strive to become like him.  The road is not easy and sometimes it is super hard but as the lord said unto Joseph Smith "bro come on now did 15 of your kids die and all of your stuff get taken and you had some cray cray disease and all of your friends ridicule you? thou art not yet as Job so check yourself home skillet" (may contain some non scriptural references)  

We have much yet to learn and we can rely on him more in our lives.   Anyways love you guys!!! i make a year in 2 weeks crazy huh