Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sun 11/23/2014 4:43 PM

SO first things first i have some exciting news.  We will be allowed to skype home this christmas!!!!!!!

The church has computers and idk if they have a webcam but if not ill find a way to get one.  i dont know all of the details of my schedule yet but we should be free.  Cant Wait!!!  Anyways life here has been good.  

The weather goes from suits and jackets to short sleeve like today but its really nice normally.  The mish life is good at the moment and we are working hard to accomplish our goals.  We are having fun here and Marquez choro started his 6 months to sexy so we gotta start working out more.  Im pretty fat right now but i still gots a while to burn it off hahaha. Japanese food is ono.  

I love his area there is a good balance of people here and quite a bit of stuff to do.  There are also some sick cars here haha.  I dont need anything right now and as far as stuffs i want... my lihing powder supply is still going strong but my seed supply is getting low haha. i like the sweet kine please and if can some aloha shoyu.  Das it haha.  dont waste choke moneys on a lot of stuffs cuz i can probably buy it here.  Anyways all is well and im doing good so no worries.  eat some turkey for me cuz the turkey here is expensive and sucks anyways :( but it is what it is.  

thats pretty much all i gots this week haha.  


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