Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sun 12/14/2014 Email from Jonah

Herro famiry all is well here in the land of the rising sun which you cant feel anymore cause its cold. It has been freaking cold here lately and thank the lord i gots thermal garments because you can only layer so much before you look strange. ill probably buy some under armor like stuffs as well today. other than that everything is going great. We are singing a musical number with the sisters at the ward christmas party because everyone doesnt want to perform or do anything so at this rate we may be a good chunk of the entertainment on sat. The ward is awesome and there are lots of kids which is great. Christmas is coming up quick! Its strange being here for the second time during the holiday season and knowing that ive been here for over a year now. Time passes quickly when you are busy. Okayama is a really quiet place and there is not a lot of crazy or exciting or anything really and its been a lot of thinking time. Keola just got home and I remember sitting at his farewell and feeling the time suddenly rush towards me and now it is the opposite; like sand slipping through your fingers. Life is Cray. Hows things at home anything exciting happen recently? I feel so out of touch this transfer lol. I am living in the world but i have no idea what is going on oustide hahaha. as far as the christmas call is concerned i think we will be able to use skype but ill check today if this computer can do it. I will email you the details but i can pretty much do it whenever you have time. Im pretty sure you can only have up to 4 people on the same skype line at a time before you have to pay. Idk ill figure it out and let you know by next week. But i is still alive so no worry anyways LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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