Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 6, 2014 Email

Konnichiwa aisuru kazoku.  Senshu wa yokkatta desuyo.  watashiwa ima genki desuyo soshite nanimo anatatachi kara hitsuyo koto ga naidesu yo. 

 Welch Kaicho is amaziing.  Brown choro(he is from my mtc district) and I were talking about what we think the mission needs moving forward and we felt that the mish needs to chillax,  ​rely on the lord and get to work.  Welch Kaicho is apparently soo chill that the Zls are freaking out.  Right now the mission has all of this structure set up to help us fullfill our purpose but i feel like if you suddenly took that away the missionaries here wouldnt be ably to function and so they often lose the privelage of guidance from the spirit because they are unwilling to meet the needs of an investigator. 

They are so busy trying to conform to the set "rules" of teaching that they forget to teach people not lessons.  If an investigator needs to hear kingdoms of glory and enduring to the end their first lesson and i feel good about doing that after i pray then im gunna do it because thats what he needs. Im not gunna teach the entire plan of salvation first to get to that point, if he is ready and needs to hear it im gunna teach it. 

This week i had whale yakiniku from a can, not bad pics to follow. See below....eeek

This past week I had a great relax night that i got to spend with one of my brothers from the mtc Brown choro.  He helped me a lot in the maddhouse that was the mtc hahaha.  We spent like 5 hours together just talking in okayama before the meet the president taikai.

Welch Kaicho is amazing and i was greatly moved and motivated after hearing him speak. hardest thing was the daily grind and the comp madness but all is well at the moment.  The investigators are sukunai but they are doing good. we also found a bunch of family potential investigators this past week so we should have a couple more coming up.

Got the box arigato.  It was really nice to get a card from the tuaoas, i miss them.  I worry about them. They will, as the rest of us older kids have found, receive no respite from the storms and perils of this generation. The mouth of hell gapes open with the click of a mouse.  Scary....but true.  So WATCH where your CLICK will take you and don't do anything that would drive away the spirit.

July 13, 20 & 27th Email from Yee Chorro

***Sorry, it's me here (opihi mama) and i haven't been posting on Jonah's blog....catching up now****

Wassup Peeps.  I is emailing. Didn't eat anyhting cool this week.

it has been super duper hot lately but today is a little bit cooler.  This week was pretty mild nothing super exciting.  I got to do an exchange with the zone leaders this past week which was really good.  Its nice to converse with someone who can entirely understand you hahaha. It gave me some time to think and reflect on the past.  

I have been so blessed.  This week i have been tired every day all the time.  Idk why maybe because its hot but i have been thinking a lot about the past.  I want to go home, i wanna chill at the beach and hop on street fighter so badly haha but im not done yet. 

Smart choro my mission mom came to church with his family and as soon as i saw him i realized how horrible of a trainee i must have been.  We may not have gotten along all the time in Miki but i have grown to love and respect him even tho he is haole.  I have much to learn.  I am grateful to be here and I know that heavenly father loves us because he asks us to do hard things. 

To answer hanos question as to how i was able to leave everything my answer is simple; For those whom I love, I will sacrifice.  I left because I love my family, I left because I love my brothers and sisters who have come to earth to follow Christ, I love my Savior and i am eternally grateful for his atoning sacrifice and I love my God.  Two years is not very long but in that short time i can help more people than you can imagine on both sides of the veil. 

This mission is not about me, I don't need to be here to return to live with God but by being here i can help those who cannot help themselves.  Yea its tough but its worth it.

 I think we are going to go eat yakiniku today but thats it.  anyways love you guys!!!

4th of July Pizza & Root Beer (Virgils which mom sent in my care package....yummy)

July 20th, 2014 Email

Hola famiry!!! therefore wo be unto the aukai and noah that do not email me for behold my anger shall be kindled against them and none shall stay my hand from smiting them to the earth upon my coming.  Tell those muggles to email me!  

Anyways things are pretty quiet here in imabari.  our investigators are at an all time low because noone can meet and all of the new investigators we found are moms whos husbands are never home so we had to give em to the sisters:P  I is fine oh and i took pics of the tags so i need some short sleeve shirts.  This week was freakin hot and super muggy.  Japan summer sucks especially when you have to go housing haha.  

Yee Chorro & Ogasawara Chorro (Together for 3 transfers so far) Ogasawara goes home in Sept 2014

That pic with noah giving the statue a purple nurple is classic.  I hopes all is well in hawaiiville.  I miss you guys and i miss home.  I wanna go home but my work here isnt done so no can do.  Ive got people to bless and families to save here in nihon so gotta saigo made taeshinobu(endure to the end) 

Transfers are next week so that should be interesting.  We get mini ipads some time before the year is over so thats exciting.  Efficiency will go up 10 fold if everyone uses them effectively.  The mish is freakin out right now because Welch Kaicho is super chill.  Everyone is waiting for a new training plan, basically waiting to be told what to do.  Welch Kaichos teaching style is almost the same as dads; prepare, talk about the important stuff but mostly just a guided discussion.  He is aka-AWESOME. 

I am so grateful for an awesome mission president. 

I went to this super strange sausage factory and like yakiniku sauce making factory. it was hen.  super boring cuz i couldnt understand anything the guide said except for yakiniku lol pics to follow. 

Hey can you send me a memory stick of some music cuz i accidently killed my ipod. it is still working but all the memory got wiped cuz i cant read kanji lol. If you send me like a 16 gig with hapa and iz and good stuffs michael jackson. as long as there is no swearing and no romantic lyrics it is good. lord of the rings sound track some hero stuffs maybe.  some yoyoma tell the kids to do it brooke knows how. 

I can pull the music off and then put the pictures and vids i have sofar on it and send it back.  Okidoki? anyways all is well LOVE YOU GUYS

July 13th Email

Wassup! so the storm didnt really affect imabari at all really. There was some rain and the wind was pretty strong but as a whole it was blocked by the mountains to the south. 

I didnt even know there was an earthquake? was it bad?  This week the crazy peoples made me both smile and lol.  One guy kept asking questions about Christianity but as soon as the comp asked him to meet or come to church he instantly refused but it was so funny. nothing made me cry this week.  

The comp is good we have been getting along much better these past few weeks which is good.  He is from Obihiro.  The investigators are doing good.  Aha moment of the week was just some of the connections that i have made reflecting back on life and how God may change your life so that you can help others.  

Cameron is having fun in mexico and i was kinda thinking back to what if i was to have left as soon as the age change was made? I dont know where he would be in life hopefully on a mish but i know that we wouldnt be the friends we are now if i left early.  I also would not have been able to help my brothers in the mtc and life would be very different.  

I was also able to spend 3 months working for Dad and i got to see Uncle B every day which is time that i will cherish for the rest of my life. Had i left early i would have missed that opportunity.  The lord is mindful of all things and we may not always see his wisdom, timing or even that he is helping us at all but he is there. 

Whenever i get discouraged lately i have reflected upon that. Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow.  The Lord is mindful of the bugs and he provides for them.  How much more are we worth and will he not provide? No, he will provide and he will carry us.  He is awesome. 

Oh it is muzukashi to get shirts here that fit my shoulders hahaha.  Anyways LOVE YOU GUYS rely on the lord and his atonement, he can help more than anything else in the universe.  did you win the lotto? if so i think a Mclaren MP4-12C hardtop convertable would be a great welcome home/happy birthday/merry christmas for the last 2 years gift hahaha.