Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sun 11/30/2014 6:22 PM

Herro famiry!!! Today was transfer email and i am transfering to okayama. This is the first time that i have really not wanted to transfer. We recently have been teaching this family of a mother and her two kids 6yr old mirium and 7yr old gaspar. just when we schedule a solid appointment to meet and teach a full lesson i transfer:( LAAAAAME!!! oh well the lord knows what he is doing. other than that this week was pretty quiet nothing much happened. We went with the little family we were teaching to ritsurin koen which was pretty and that was probably the funnest thing we did all week. My comp is also transfering and they are closing the second set of elders here. My new comp is a half japanese have american from the states but ive never met him before. Christmas is coming up fast!!! Dont really need anything and im doing good. can you send vienna sausage in my package please!!! Haha nothing else that i can think of. not sure what else to write about.... probably gunna go eat at our favorite indo curry place today with some cheeze naan, cant wait haha. anywyas LOVES EVERYONE

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