Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sun 11/2/2014 9:44 PM

SO just got back from a district softball competition and it was pretty fun.  Some of the members are pretty good so i had the chance to throw at like 75% at times hahaha.  This week was pretty good.  We dressed up as anpanman and draimon for halloween and handed out english class flyers which was super fun.  We also found this pretty solid 19yr old kid who has interest in the gospel this week. Hes super cool and his english is pretty good.  Other than that nothing exciting. 

I jacked up my shoulder batting at the cages last week and i hurt it again this week but it is what it is.  Its gunna take a lot more than that to keep me down.  Nothing really cool to report haha.  We found this big kahuna place today so we are probably gunna go check that out.  The sign said hawaiian and mexican food so we gotta go at least once.  I am fine and dont need anything.  Love you guys!!!

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