Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sun 1/4/2015 4:37 PM

Herro famiry how is everyones doings? I is good and yes the itunes stuffs is me. we are getting ipads soon and im gunna have it when i get home and after being on my mish im not sure how I feel about my thousands of free downloaded song i had on my phone before so i going be one good boy and buy em hahaha. This week was good and bad. Good because we had 6 meal appointments all in a row so we dont reallt have to buy groceries this week yay! Ive been able to bond quite well with the members we ate meals with and Brother Osho even gave me a gundam model just for fun i guess. Everyone is also super surprised at how young mom and dad are and always say that mom is a beejeen which translates to like beautiful person but its more like a mix between gorgeous and hot which is hard to respond to haha. The only problem with last week was that everyone and their entire family was busy over the new years week so we had few lessons. This week should be much better tho. Anyways im fine and although new years here wasnt awesome it is what it is for now. Today we are going to visit Akagi choros family out here in okayama. his grandmothers sister lives here and i think shes 90+ so it should be interesting. Its sooo hard to understand old mumbly japanese people so luckily we have members coming with us haha. Other than that gotta cut my hair but thats about it. Yuuups thats it anyways love you guys!!!!!!

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