Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 3rd 2014

The island you see....that is Hanohano Chorro (Kana'i) Mission (Fukuoka)

Herro Famiry, hows everything going.  
I is good and i dont need anything right now.  actually pictures would be nice.  its been really nice lately to scroll through pictures on my ipod of the fam and i have the pic of noah giving the big hawaiian man statue a purple nurple as my home screen.

  I miss you guys.  Insight this week huh uhm i was listening to john bytheway the other day the first solo and when he talks about how his instructor got out of the plane and said "remember what i taught you." i was thinking about this the other day and i would be very surprised if our heavenly father before we were sent down to earth didnt pull us aside, talk to us for as long as we needed and then send us on our way having said something very similar.  I have that written down on the front of my planner to remind me throughout the day.  

The most challenging thing this week was that our most solid investigator dropped us the other day because he felt that he cant understand what we were teaching.  we were trying to teach as simply as possible but we could have done better.  We still have some comp issues but we are slowly working those out.  just missionary life no biggie.  

I have learned from my companion that being a pharisee is not fun so i will continue being futsu hito hahaha gotta smell the roses while ur out here or you will go crazy.

Havent really learned anything new recently except that during obon they "catch" god in this box in their house.

Onmaku was sat and yesterday which was pretty cool. we got to see 15min of the firework show and there was maguro from the giant tokyo fish market, was so ono.  OH AND I SAW A SQUIRREL! it was in a cage and i have a pic but i forgot my memory card reader at home zanen.

anyways LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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