Monday, May 26, 2014

5/25/14 & June 8th Update & Photo

June 8, 2014

Herro famiry! Whew this past week was pretty crazy.  We had Ztm on wed as well as Zinke Kaichos byebye taikai which was pretty sad but ill see them again.

 Zinke kaicho is so awesome and he said something at the byebye taikai which i think was from elder Christofferson but it really stood out as a testimony that the lord really does know me.  He said that sometimes just as important as the country and area that you serve in is the Mission President whom you serve with in helping to shape your life into that which the savior knows you can be.  Zinke Kaicho is a pilot, and he kinda reminds me of bumi from avatar cuz hes a mad genius.  

From day one i was able to look to him for guidance and strength.  He has been one of those people in my life like Uncle Darrel, and Earl who have influenced me in such a way that i will be eternally grateful for their example.  Zinke Kaicho is awesome. 

I love that Ogasewara choro really does try to love our investigators and he wont give up on them even if i may want to.  I love that imabari is close to the ocean haha.  I SAW A SNAKE THIS WEEK!!! it was like 4ft long idk what it was but it was a fast little bugger. i tried to catch it but it slithered under a car and we had to get to a lesson.

this week i learned the duties of the tribe of ephraim in preparing the world for the lords second coming.  i forgot what it was but i wrote it down somewhere lol its like perform priesthood ordinances, be witnesses of Christ and set an example and change he world something like that haha wasurechyata.  didnt eat anything interesting cuz that stuffs is expensive and i like eat during the rest of the week lol. it is super hot here and i didnt was my clothes cuz i forgot so i had to wear longsleeve this week haha.  i dont need anything and ill send you some pics after this.  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

May 25, 2014

Yee Chorro & a few little people.....sweet!
Herro family!!!  The most spiritual thing this week was of course the taikai we had with Elder Christofferson of the quorum of the big boys.  I GOT TO SHAKE HIS HAND! and he talked to us as a mission for a good hour and a half.  It was basically a you guys are doing good, love the people and you will have success kinda thing but it was awesome.  He also did some QandA and i had to refrain from asking anything too crazy so i sat quietly and took notes lol.  The hardest thing is the daily grind but i make it fun.  Coolest thing this week was that we rode across the biggest suspension bridge in the world twice this past week and we got to chill in kobe for a couple of hours which was nice to be back in the city.  I got the package with my photo album in it and some candies.  it has costed me around 300 bucks to travel this transfer so we havent gone anywhere special but as soon as our reinbursments come in we will go eat sushi.  The comp is ok.  The branch is ok.  The weather is pretty good but its pretty hot and next month is rainy season so that should be fun. dont need anything.  nope no bike gangs or lambos here but there are a bunch in kobe and osaka.  i miss osaka but i am needed here. anywyas love you guys!!! 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ibaraki Conference: Photo....where's Jonah....CHECK the middle...squint and look really hard....or enlarge the photo LOL

Ibaraki Conference: Can you find Jonah? Squint.....or enlarge photo NOW
1st row......count 5 ladies, then President Zinke: LOOK UP (see his head, LOL)

Photo Reprint:  I just really like this photo he took at Wakayama College Archery Club (He looks so happy)
Jonah LOVES shooting sports (Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays and Archery)

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 4th (May the 4th be with you) Email from Yee Chorro

Herro family yes i am transferring.  i am going to Imabari on the island of Shikoku which is that big island to the south. it should take me about 6 hrs to get to my new area so YAYY hahaha but its all g. apparently Imabari is pretty country but we shall see. 

I will copy how to call me mothers day at the end of the email.  The investigators are doing pretty good and we still have a couple of people ready to be baptised in the coming month and june.  The most spiritual thing this week was the testimony meeting yesterday.  the ward mission leader dude idk what it is in english but the dendoshunin from takatsuki came to our ward and gave a powerful testimony on temples and missionary work which was really good.  

Most fun thing was uh... zone training meeting.  Hardest thing was daily dendo (proselyting).  Didnt eat anything cool today but on thursday we are having chicken adobo, in japan, made by a philipino lady, who speaks english lol. 

I dont need anything.... ope i lied wanna gomen (apologize) for forgetting last week but can you make me a photo book and put some fun pics in there of me and my friends and of u guys and stuffs like that cuz i need more pics to show investigators.  today is pack and then all you can eat pizza and then root beer and then yea.  so i cant buy a bike today? last pday was sushi party had like 30 plates of sushi it was awesome.  oh and its getting hot haha but right nw its a lot like home.

 **i asked jonah for some words of wisdom regarding what we should be pondering as a family***
Uh idk what you guys can study but study haha oh and aole pilikia in all things have faith in Christ and realize the importance in our message.  When someone sees me or any other missionary on the street or at any time, that is the luckiest moment in their lives ever. likewise our friends and family have no idea how lucky and blessed they are to have a member of the church in their lives but do we as members realize this? do we truly realize the importance our message has to others? we have the only true and everlasting gospel through and only through which we can receive all that our Father has.

I am staying fat at the moment but summer should lose some weight haha and these past few weeks ive been studying Jesus the Christ and its been really neat to read of the details behind his life and how he lived. its pretty cool.  Anyways LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

April 13th Email from Jonah

Herro everyone!!! hows life.

  Right now im chillin it in an internet cafe down south of the church.  its pretty weird cuz im like sitting on this strange pillow floor and we are in like a cubby hole kind of thing.  ill send a pic afterwards.  Anyway I am doing good.  wakayama is still weird cuz its pretty ghetto and then we saw a lambo mercy on sunday just driving around. 

 The investigators are doing good.  we got two to come to conference and they seemed to like it.  We got suzuki san to come to the priesthood session and after we asked him if he had questions and he said something along the lines of wtft is the priesthood lol.  Hes a funny guy. 

 This weeks mind blowing discoveries come from revelations and Dand C 77.  We were looking through it and in it it talks a little bit about the stuff thats gunna happen before the second coming. The hastening of the work is at hand and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will soon come in power and glory to rule the earth.  I CANT WAIT FOR HIM TO COME!!! 

Anyways my favorite talks were Erying choro, Holland Choro as usual and Bednar Choro.  As a whole conferencewas awesome!  I got to watch it in english thank the lord lol.  Elder Christofferson is coming next month around the 24-25ish i think. idkthe paper is in the church.  Today we went to this really stinky tonkatsu ramen place which was some of the best ramen ive ever had.  nothing super fun or super hard this week   

Working on improving my prayers this week.  You guys have a copy of PMG? Are you studying it??? The work will be hastened when the members are willing to work with the missionaries. WE CAN DO IT NOW!  
Love you guys!!!

April 20th Email: No pictures but some interesting updates....He's funny!

Herro famiry.  
My Easter was good.  full of planning and lesson making.  It was way different without all of the hype of the stupid Easter traditions at home.  It was nice to have a peaceful Sunday to contemplate the resurrection of Christ.  Last night was a deep doctrine talk about the second coming and how awesome that is going to be as well as resurrection.  It is gunna be awesome to be all glorified and stuff and to be able to eat everything and not get fat and not have to poop.  and we also were talking about how everyone speaks through instant wakaru (understanding) and how we are gunna have sweet robes.

  It was just awesome to go to church and not have all the craziness of the Easter bunny and all that crap.  The comp is awesome! hes cray and only speaks Japanese but hes awesome.  The language is coming along considering that we cant communicate without it.  I have a request haha.  if its not too much trouble can you send me some virgils hahaha they don't sell root beer here which is super lame.  I'm g right now so no worry about it if u stay busy. 

 Most spiritual thing this week was finishing writing aukais letter.  Writing about why I am here has inspired some super deep reflection and i finally finished haha so it will be on its way over today. Most fun thing was the day to day craziness that comes from being in japan with a Japanese comp and not being able to hold a normal conversation without a dictionary haha. 

 The finances are fine no worry.  Today is our sleep day since we couldn't do it last week and we are going to have dinner tonight with our investigator with a baptismal date so I'm looking forward to that.  The investigators are good.  Elder Christofferson will visit us next month on the 24th so the whole mish is excited for that one.  oh and can you believe that in like 3 weeks we get to talk again! time is flying by! anyways I love you guys!!!

April April 27th 2014 Email from Jonah****NO pictures sent....sigh***

Hello Family!

I is doing goods and i is having funs.  arigato for the box it should reach me just before transfers.  I dont need anything right now except for some surf time but its all g haha.  Theres a couple of piers in wakayama that would be pretty fun to jump from and it would be a pretty cool pic but i no like shinu so ill wait till i finish befo i swim lol.  I havent bought a bike yet but if i transfer i might next week.  and no squerrel.  im starting to think they dont exist but ill keep looking.  

The most spiritual thing this week was the lesson we had on saturday.  We travel about an hour away to the little town of kokawa to teach itou san and kumai san at itous house.  itou is 82 and kumai is an 87yr ould genki grandma.  We have been struggling to get them to accept the invite to baptism because they belong to a different christian church and last weeks lesson was on the first 4 topics of the POS.  we ended on the not of where we go when we die and felt inspired to ask weither they knew where their ancestors were and if they would go to heaven.  The spirit was strong as Uehara choro testified of the ability for us to do baptisms for the dead and the spirit was working hard. although they turned down the invite i could tell that they felt the wisperings of the spirit testify of out Heavenly Fathers awesome plan.  

Uehara Choro is awesome! He is so crazy and hard working.  I am so grateful for the example he is to me and for his constant genkiness.  Most fun thing this week was interviews with Zinke kaicho, hes awesome.  Today was our eat sushi till you die lunch and we were gunna try to break our records but we only ate like 30 each.  Baptisms are next month haha and a couple in june.  Health is yes.  Favorite thing about my mission sofar is realizing how awesome the gospel is as well as all of the awesome revelations about deep doctrine and stuffs.  Still dont know how to hie to kolob so still gotta study.  No gaijin in this ward and noone from hawaii.  Transfer email is next week so that should be fun.  Anyways Love you guys