Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan 11, 2015

Herro Famiry! hows everyone doing!?!?! This week was a good one. Our investigator nakayama has been progressing right down the path and i was on a companion exchange with the district leader and we decided that he was ready for his interview and BOOM BAPTISM BABY!!! Nakayama will be baptized on sunday the 18th after church and then confirmed the following sunday Yay!!! Hes pretty excited about it too. Transfer email is supposed to come today but its not here yet so Kaicho probably received some last minute revelation or something like that. Akagi choro is probably out and im almost garens stay. Yup Just got the email im staying and getting a japanese companion whos name is hayashi choro. Didnt eat anything cray this week and im fine. Not really looking forward to all japanese again but whatev hahaha. Hows the BOM reading going, im on alma 42 right now. I was behind this week but i took some time to catch up. Oh so Elder Aoyagi of the 70 is going to come do a mission tour in the begining of February and then Elder Russell M. Nelson is coming for a special conference in march around the same time as we get our Ipads WOOT WOOT!!! Cant wait!!!! Transfer day is on thurs so the apt is gunna be a party on wed night. Its starting to hit me that life continues after I get home lol. Not sure what im gunna do with my life but i still have time so im not gunna worry. Oh hey i know what i want for my birthday!!! i want a pair of those chinese ball thingys that you rotate in your hands like the one that dad has on his desk. I cant find any here lol. das it. Uh what else? das it i think. Nothing else happened this week. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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