Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sun 12/7/2014 4:21 PM (from Takamatsu to Okayama) Transfer

Herro famiry!!!! Maaaan this week was different. After getting the transfer call on monday Marquez Choro and i tried our best to meet with all of our investigators but everyone was busy. The last few days in takamatsu were busy but nothing happened haha. On the last day everyone was dead and after we finished packing we just chilled in the apartment for a while until Marquez choro decided he wanted to go and get a teddy bear from one of those claw games lol. ended up at an arcade sort of place and guess what i found there, a dude playing the brand new Street Fighter Ultra arcade machine. Yamamoto Choro convinced me to play him (wasn't a very hard thing to do lol) and i played a few rounds with the guy. Ho my street fighter skills were so rusty but i played while yamamoto choro talked to him and guess what? GOT HIS PHONE NUMBER and even though he doesn't have a whole lot of interest in the gospel he will probably meet with yamamoto choro hahaha. Then we went to go and get yakiniku and then it was off to Okayama to spend the night before transfers. Pretty funny week and i got to see a lot of friends from throughout the mission. The ward here in Okayama is great, reminds me of home,and there are tons of kids!!! I dont know why tho but i have this feeling still like im not supposed to be here. Idk maybe its just because i didnt want to leave takamatsu or whatev but im gunna work until the feeling either goes away or until I transfer. The new area is auaight pretty country and lots of housing but the city is only 7min away by train. We are going to the brand new aeon mall in the city today with the elders down there. Other than that life is good, cant complain. We got like 50 persimmons that i gotta eat cause my comp doesn't really eat them so yay me gots some fruits. thats about it hahaha LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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