Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 24, 2014 Email

Howsit fam!  
I is good, this week was a good one.  Uhm most spiritual thing this week was my talk yesterday on forgiveness, the branch really needs to learn how to forgive. 

Funnest thing was a companion exchange with Phillips choro from my mtc district. We got to spend 2 days together while our comps were at DLT.  Hardest thing this week was my talk lol nihongo wa muzukashi ne.  The comp is doing good.  We got into it again like last week or two weeks ago cant remember but since then we have been getting along really well.  

The investigators are getting better. We may have a baptism this transfer but we shall see.  Food is tasty yes.  We ate with the branch president last monday but we dont normally eat at members houses.  They bring us food on sunday which is really nice. 

 Weather has been pretty crappy lately lots of rain and it is super humid all the time and super hot.  

Did you see Elder Bednars talk on social media and electronic devices? Check it out
The work of the lord is being hastened!!!

we will probably get mini ipads next month which is gunna be sweet!  Why dont i go and issue a challenge ne! have you all seen the because of him video yet?

it is awesome go to and watch the vid and then BE INSPIRED.  Find something you can do today to hasten the work of our Father in Heaven.  READY GO!!! 
I loveth thou,

time to get to work

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