Friday, May 2, 2014

April April 27th 2014 Email from Jonah****NO pictures sent....sigh***

Hello Family!

I is doing goods and i is having funs.  arigato for the box it should reach me just before transfers.  I dont need anything right now except for some surf time but its all g haha.  Theres a couple of piers in wakayama that would be pretty fun to jump from and it would be a pretty cool pic but i no like shinu so ill wait till i finish befo i swim lol.  I havent bought a bike yet but if i transfer i might next week.  and no squerrel.  im starting to think they dont exist but ill keep looking.  

The most spiritual thing this week was the lesson we had on saturday.  We travel about an hour away to the little town of kokawa to teach itou san and kumai san at itous house.  itou is 82 and kumai is an 87yr ould genki grandma.  We have been struggling to get them to accept the invite to baptism because they belong to a different christian church and last weeks lesson was on the first 4 topics of the POS.  we ended on the not of where we go when we die and felt inspired to ask weither they knew where their ancestors were and if they would go to heaven.  The spirit was strong as Uehara choro testified of the ability for us to do baptisms for the dead and the spirit was working hard. although they turned down the invite i could tell that they felt the wisperings of the spirit testify of out Heavenly Fathers awesome plan.  

Uehara Choro is awesome! He is so crazy and hard working.  I am so grateful for the example he is to me and for his constant genkiness.  Most fun thing this week was interviews with Zinke kaicho, hes awesome.  Today was our eat sushi till you die lunch and we were gunna try to break our records but we only ate like 30 each.  Baptisms are next month haha and a couple in june.  Health is yes.  Favorite thing about my mission sofar is realizing how awesome the gospel is as well as all of the awesome revelations about deep doctrine and stuffs.  Still dont know how to hie to kolob so still gotta study.  No gaijin in this ward and noone from hawaii.  Transfer email is next week so that should be fun.  Anyways Love you guys

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