Monday, May 5, 2014

May 4th (May the 4th be with you) Email from Yee Chorro

Herro family yes i am transferring.  i am going to Imabari on the island of Shikoku which is that big island to the south. it should take me about 6 hrs to get to my new area so YAYY hahaha but its all g. apparently Imabari is pretty country but we shall see. 

I will copy how to call me mothers day at the end of the email.  The investigators are doing pretty good and we still have a couple of people ready to be baptised in the coming month and june.  The most spiritual thing this week was the testimony meeting yesterday.  the ward mission leader dude idk what it is in english but the dendoshunin from takatsuki came to our ward and gave a powerful testimony on temples and missionary work which was really good.  

Most fun thing was uh... zone training meeting.  Hardest thing was daily dendo (proselyting).  Didnt eat anything cool today but on thursday we are having chicken adobo, in japan, made by a philipino lady, who speaks english lol. 

I dont need anything.... ope i lied wanna gomen (apologize) for forgetting last week but can you make me a photo book and put some fun pics in there of me and my friends and of u guys and stuffs like that cuz i need more pics to show investigators.  today is pack and then all you can eat pizza and then root beer and then yea.  so i cant buy a bike today? last pday was sushi party had like 30 plates of sushi it was awesome.  oh and its getting hot haha but right nw its a lot like home.

 **i asked jonah for some words of wisdom regarding what we should be pondering as a family***
Uh idk what you guys can study but study haha oh and aole pilikia in all things have faith in Christ and realize the importance in our message.  When someone sees me or any other missionary on the street or at any time, that is the luckiest moment in their lives ever. likewise our friends and family have no idea how lucky and blessed they are to have a member of the church in their lives but do we as members realize this? do we truly realize the importance our message has to others? we have the only true and everlasting gospel through and only through which we can receive all that our Father has.

I am staying fat at the moment but summer should lose some weight haha and these past few weeks ive been studying Jesus the Christ and its been really neat to read of the details behind his life and how he lived. its pretty cool.  Anyways LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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