Sunday, April 13, 2014

Email from April 6, 2014

Herro famiry!
WOW SPOILER ALLERT! I havent seen conference yet as japan watches it a week late.  I cant wait.  This past friday Zinke Kaicho released a missionwide training plan called "astonish the world."  This is it!!!
Japan will one day become the most successful mission in the world and we are here in the piko of japan to kick it off.  The Japan Kobe Mission is going to lead the rest of Japan into an unpresidented era of success and we are going to build a kansai temple before the next general conference.  I am so greatfull to be part of the work here and i am ready to astonish the world.  I dont need anything right now and the comp is awesome.  Coolest thing this week was going to dendo near the beach which was waaaaaay nice.  the sea breeze was super nice and reminded me of home.  Funnest thing was our lesson on saturday which was way crazy haha but good.  Hardest thing was uhh idk haha.  Eating is yes sleeping is yes lol.  Oh and guess what!!!!!!!!!  D. Todd.Christoferson is coming to visit our mission next month and he is going to hold a mission conference in Ibaraki!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!! haha anyways all is well here in the land of the rising sun. hai minasan hontouni aishiteimasu and it was just all over the place but it was fun.  we got 3 solids and a bunch of possibles so pretty soon we should start seeing some real success. oh and its friggin cold today but it should start warming up again soon.  anyways i gotta head over to the Jo but i love you guys!!!!

Uehara Chorro & The Ocean View
Mcdonald's run........

Uehara Chorro & Selfie.....LOL

scary smile......

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