Friday, May 2, 2014

April 13th Email from Jonah

Herro everyone!!! hows life.

  Right now im chillin it in an internet cafe down south of the church.  its pretty weird cuz im like sitting on this strange pillow floor and we are in like a cubby hole kind of thing.  ill send a pic afterwards.  Anyway I am doing good.  wakayama is still weird cuz its pretty ghetto and then we saw a lambo mercy on sunday just driving around. 

 The investigators are doing good.  we got two to come to conference and they seemed to like it.  We got suzuki san to come to the priesthood session and after we asked him if he had questions and he said something along the lines of wtft is the priesthood lol.  Hes a funny guy. 

 This weeks mind blowing discoveries come from revelations and Dand C 77.  We were looking through it and in it it talks a little bit about the stuff thats gunna happen before the second coming. The hastening of the work is at hand and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will soon come in power and glory to rule the earth.  I CANT WAIT FOR HIM TO COME!!! 

Anyways my favorite talks were Erying choro, Holland Choro as usual and Bednar Choro.  As a whole conferencewas awesome!  I got to watch it in english thank the lord lol.  Elder Christofferson is coming next month around the 24-25ish i think. idkthe paper is in the church.  Today we went to this really stinky tonkatsu ramen place which was some of the best ramen ive ever had.  nothing super fun or super hard this week   

Working on improving my prayers this week.  You guys have a copy of PMG? Are you studying it??? The work will be hastened when the members are willing to work with the missionaries. WE CAN DO IT NOW!  
Love you guys!!!

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