Friday, May 2, 2014

April 20th Email: No pictures but some interesting updates....He's funny!

Herro famiry.  
My Easter was good.  full of planning and lesson making.  It was way different without all of the hype of the stupid Easter traditions at home.  It was nice to have a peaceful Sunday to contemplate the resurrection of Christ.  Last night was a deep doctrine talk about the second coming and how awesome that is going to be as well as resurrection.  It is gunna be awesome to be all glorified and stuff and to be able to eat everything and not get fat and not have to poop.  and we also were talking about how everyone speaks through instant wakaru (understanding) and how we are gunna have sweet robes.

  It was just awesome to go to church and not have all the craziness of the Easter bunny and all that crap.  The comp is awesome! hes cray and only speaks Japanese but hes awesome.  The language is coming along considering that we cant communicate without it.  I have a request haha.  if its not too much trouble can you send me some virgils hahaha they don't sell root beer here which is super lame.  I'm g right now so no worry about it if u stay busy. 

 Most spiritual thing this week was finishing writing aukais letter.  Writing about why I am here has inspired some super deep reflection and i finally finished haha so it will be on its way over today. Most fun thing was the day to day craziness that comes from being in japan with a Japanese comp and not being able to hold a normal conversation without a dictionary haha. 

 The finances are fine no worry.  Today is our sleep day since we couldn't do it last week and we are going to have dinner tonight with our investigator with a baptismal date so I'm looking forward to that.  The investigators are good.  Elder Christofferson will visit us next month on the 24th so the whole mish is excited for that one.  oh and can you believe that in like 3 weeks we get to talk again! time is flying by! anyways I love you guys!!!

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