Monday, March 31, 2014

March 30th 2014 Email From Yee Chorro

Herro glad to here that everything is ok with our famiry.  I am doing fine.  As of right now i dont need anything. today can i buy a bike? not sure if i will find what i want but if i do is it ok? probably around 250-300 dollars ish.  

Funnest thing this week was seeing everyone at transfers.  lots of friends and it was nice to hear about all the success everyone is having.  Miller went home this week which is weird haha.  time moves so quickly out here. Most spiritual thing this week was the lesson we had with itou and kumai on saturday. Kumai shimai is 87 so its hard for her to get to church but i believe that if she did she would get baptized this transfer so we are trying to get her a ride to church but she lives pretty far away.  

The comp is cool.  Hes from okinawa so he besicaly is local.  His name is Uehara Chorro. he loves spam and works hard so this transfer should be a good one.  Last pday yoshida and langford had to pack so it was a chill day.  Today we are going to head over to aeon mall with the ZLS. Its getting pretty hot here but probably normal for home.  everyone cant wait for conference and i am extremely excited as well. 

This week has been pretty crazy so study has been barabara. This week my mind blowing fact was that Christs atonement also sanctifies the planet. All the trees and mountains and stuffs like that are able to be celestrialized through the Saviors atonement.  Pretty cool stuffs.  This next few weeks are gunna be tough speaking only japanese but ganbarimasu hahaha anything is possible through the Christ so im gunna work to do all i can to qualify for his divine help.  I will also pray for the cousins.  if you talk to them tell them that i said hi.  i will be writing letters every now and then so ill write them some as well.  Anyways not much time to email but LOVE YOU GUYS.

Maguro & Corned Beef for Breakfast

Robot Thingy......hhhhmmmmm

Uehara Chorro (New Companion)

Met some rock stars with Yoshida Chorro

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