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March 16, 2014 and March 23rd : Staying in Wakayama

March 23rd, 2014******  Staying in Wakayama

I am doing good. I don't need anything right now.  The funnest thing we did this week was uh dendo(missionary work)  haha.  The most spiritual thing was our lesson on the first vision with demojah.  We taught it powerfully and although he didn't really see the importance, Elder Yoshida and i were edified and uplifted. 

 Hardest thing is trying not to go crazy when people no like listen but its ok we tried.  The comp is ku cant complain.  We got transfer emails today and i am staying in wakayama.  Yay no moving! oh and i am gunna be with a nihonjin companion so this is the transfer that my Japanese gets epic.  

The investigators are still chuggin along which is good.  we taught this 87yr old lady on Saturday and she was like "the bible is hard to read but this book of Mormon thing is easy so I'm gunna stop studying bible and just read this every day" she is way awesome.  Last Pday we went up to the new Aeon mall next to the college that they shoot archery at. it is huge! like bigger than alamoana.  

Today we are taking a chill day cause Yoshida choro has to pack and all that stuffs.  nothing cool this past week but maybe we will try this famous ramen place this week.  Last weeks weather was good and its really warm today so hopefully it will get warmer.  this past week i was studying book of Mormon and restoration because that is where most of our investigators are.  I read through those again today for study.  I don't really have any questions for you guys except the usual hows everyone doing kine stuffs. just keep filling me in on everything.   

A view that was "found"

March 23rd 2014 email to Grandma Linda
Hi Grandma!
Thanks for the bday wishes! oh and i got your other email as well. 
Missionary work is hard haha.  I didnt think it was going to be this way at all but it is definitely worth it.  I just wanted to thank you for being an awesome example for our family.  For as long as i can remember we would always find you working or reading scriptures whenever you came to stay with us or we visited you.  I think the rest of the family was with me on this one but i always used to think "grandma is a little bit crazy how come she is always studying scriptures" and stuff like that.  Now i get it.  I have only been out for 6 months and i have changed to the point where my old self would be very confused.  I have had more fun studying from the Bom and scriptures in such a short time than i have after years of playing videogames.  I have learned more from scripture study than from all of high school and its important stuffs im learning as well.
These past few weeks have been difficult with all the crazyness at home but i cant imagine what it would be like to experience the loss you did.  I talked about what would happen with mom and dad if anyone passed away while i was gone which helped a lot.  I too have had my testimony in the plan of salvation strengthened through the trial of a passing loved one.  I can testify with power and conviction like never before.  When i received the news my entire mission was actually working on a training plan in which we were studying for two weeks on answering the question that the savior posed to his apostles "whom say ye that i am."  In those short two weeks i had the opportunity to take upon myself the yoke of our savior and to learn of him as i went out each day into the field.  I cannot express my gratitude to the savior for his atoning sacrifice in our behalf that we can be lifted and made strong through him. 
Oh and that is sooooo coool that you are working in the temple with asl.  I didnt even know that they did that kind of a session.  oh and did you see the new movie? mom said it was awesome and i wanna go so badly but gotta wait haha. anyways Love you!!!
Yee Choro

March 16, 2014 **********

Herro Family.  You guys are probably still in the water right now and btw i am so j.  beach withdrawals! anyways i is fine.  I got the second box arigato ne.  bday dinner was great. it was also dignam choros bday so we was like lets just go big so we had steak haha.  I don't need anything that i cant get here.  The comp is cool. The investigators are doing good as well.  We had no zeros this week on our weekly report which is a first in wakayama for something like 6 months. 

 Most spiritual has been these past few nights ive taken time to just sit and ponder for like 30 min by myself and study something cool like revelations or second coming or Christ and i get some mind blowing stuffs sometimes.  the latest was that Christ was talking about the second coming in his prayer when he was on earth.  "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" refers to the time when the Savior will come down and establish the kingdom of heaven on the earth during the millennium.  Oh also learned that glorified beings don't need to open doors, they just pass through. Jesus after he was resurrected moved the stone so that people could see that the tomb was empty not so that he could get out or anything like that.  Cool stuffs like that.  

Most fun was probably our service project at wakayama jo on saturday and the hardest was staying awake in church LOL. the weather is actually starting to get pretty warm and the sun is out every day like at home so its really nice. The sakura are also starting to bloom so the city is starting to smell less like poop and more like flowers and poop hahaha. The mish is going well and im having fun out here serving the Lord.

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