Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 1, 2013 Email from Yee Choro

Questions first nope didint get the box yet haha but i did get the letter that was supposed to get to me the night i got to japan.  I dont need anything i cant buy myself.  my bike is fine and fixed.  I bore my testimony yesterday, it was short and sweet as expected. 
 Our investigator fujiwara passed his baptismal interview so its a go for the 8th.  We havent eaten anything great sofar. we had yakiniku on thanksgiving but the place at home is better.  it is getting cold haha and our apartment has no insulation and no garbage disposal.  WHY DOES THIS COUNTRY NOT HAVE GARBAGE DISPOSALS!!! lol you can see your breath in the pad but i have some warm blankets so im g. my comp is cool, a bit crazy but cool.  we havent had any crazy spiritual experiences but i havent been here for very long so there coming for sure later. i have been spiradically journaling but i have quite a bit of pics so ill just keep taking pics and trying to remember to journal.  im sleeping way better here than in the mtc.  i havent realy had time to email anyone lately cause we have been busy on pday especially today.  today we are gunna go have some crapes at downtown osaka and do some shopping and sightseeing.  last pday was our break pday so we slept all day haha.  favorite thing about nihon sofar... the people are friendly like in hawaii.  im starting to get the hang of this missionary thing and its pretty fun sofar.  i still cant speak the language and to make things worse its all kansaiben here but ill just keep on trying/nodding yes and saying hai lol. our investigator pool is gunna be at 3 on wednesday and all three will have baptismal dates haha.  oh and if you go from mcdonalds down the street a like 40yrds there is a grocery store.  and right next to that is two apartment buildings that say
 タカユキ and we live in building 1 i think.  ill send some pics this week.   

Bus Ride.......
Jonah & Elder Miller (who is from Utah.  His dad is from Hawaii)
Brother & Sister Zinke (Mission President)
View of Kobe


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