Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec 8th Email & Pictures

Inviting people to come to the Ward Christmas Party.......

Baptism 12/8


EMAIL FROM JONAH (Pretend its spell checked and more, LOL)
Herro!.  I didnt get the box from provo haha idk where it is.  best thing this week ill talk about at the end. worse thing this week... uh my legs are pretty sore cause we ride bikes everywhere and i dont get any break days but my legs are gunna be beast when i get home. oh and is dad murf yet? the food is good we eat noodles and rice everyday so its pretty much like my college diet haha.  
so if you go north east of the church there is a rode that runs right next to the railway and there is a 7/11 on it right next to the road.  if you follow that road you cross a bridge and then a set of train tracks pass over the road.  if you keep following that road you eventually pass a pachinko place with the statue of liberty on the roof.  keep going and then on your left is a grocery store and right after the grocery store is an apartment building if you see mcdonalds than you went too far.  the building name is タカラユキ.  
my comp i awesome his nihongo is really good and hes cool.  we have one solid investigator miki whos date is on the 29th. he is solid and just got back from helping poor kids near the mother theresa site somewhere in india. the language is not so good but its slowly improving.  i havent bore my testimony since last sunday haha. pday in osaka was pretty cool we went to this giant outdoor shopping plaza which was kinda cool.  
today we are going to go explore the giant chicken park.  the weather is nice, its a little chilly sometimes but its nice. 
 So the best thing this week: on saturday the four elders in my apartment dressed up as santa and we went to a mall to hand out fliers for the christmas party.  so we get into the mall and there were people everywhere so we just started talking to people and giving all the little kids high fives.  people were taking soo many pictures both of and with us.  then we saw this elementary and middle school dance event going on and it was about to end so my comp decides to ask one of the hosts if we can get on stage.  so we did and started dancing/making fools of ourselves but we were a huge hit and everyone loved us. i dont have the pics on my camera but ill send some later. it was pretty epic.  lol anyways love you guys!


Elder Yee



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