Monday, December 2, 2013

Arrived in Japan (Ibaraki)

Elder Jonah Yee
Japan Kobe Mission
4-6-28 Shinohara Honmachi
Nada-Ku, Kobe Shi, Hyogo-Ken
Japan 657-0067

Email from Jonah 11/24/13
aloha ohana!!! guess what im in nihon!!!  haha it finally is starting to sink in that I'm not in the same country anymore haha.  so to answer your questions: idk what my address is hahah you are supposed to send all of my mail to the mission home and then they forward it to us.  i don't need anything I'm g cuz.   I'm in Ibaraki right now which is on the northern side of Osaka try look em up.  My comp is Elder Chanson Miller.  His dad is from Hawaii and his mom is haole.  he grew up in Utah tho so he no speak pidgin haha.  

So the flight was super long haha and i slept for only like an hour but it wasn't too bad.  I had a lot of people to talk to and i also talked to a bunch of guys going to osaka for business.  Japan is nothing like what it looks like on sokogashiritai haha.  there are sooooooo much people here and there are high rises everywhere.  After we landed we met President and sister Zinke and then went to the Honbu (mission home)  we had dinner and got to chillax for a little while and then the next day was all training.  on our third day in japan we met our comps and then that's it! we were off to our area.  My comp is on his 14th transfer so hes pretty much fluent haha.  When we got to ibaraki we went straight to work.  We have taught 5 lessons sofar and although i get lost all the time lol i just bare simple testimony and it seems to work haha.  guess what! since we whitewashed this area we have like 4-5 investigators already and we have a baptism coming up on the 8th of December hopefully.  Church is pretty awesome.  our ward is super cool and every Sunday after church everyone makes food and they have like a picknick haha so we got food lol.  oh and we met this guy sean from big island who is living here with his wife and his son at his inlaws house.  His face lit up when the sisters told him i was from hawaii.  I didn't have to bear my testimony but I'm probably gonna have to next week so we shall see how that goes.  i did get a bike its a road bike so its pretty quick and then on Friday i wrecked the tire lol I'm fine but until my bike gets fixed in a week I'm stuck on a pink grandma bike with a basket on the front hahaha.  other than that everything is going well.  its gonna be at around 32 degrees so wish me luck lol.  oh and look up the sun god tower or the sun tower in japan.  i live around 30 min away from that by bike so we will be going there a lot to find peoples to teach.  oh and i forgot my camera ごめんあさい.  anyways my comp is awesome and I'm having fun so no worries.  


Yee ちょろう

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