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July 6, 2014 Email

Konnichiwa aisuru kazoku.  Senshu wa yokkatta desuyo.  watashiwa ima genki desuyo soshite nanimo anatatachi kara hitsuyo koto ga naidesu yo. 

 Welch Kaicho is amaziing.  Brown choro(he is from my mtc district) and I were talking about what we think the mission needs moving forward and we felt that the mish needs to chillax,  ​rely on the lord and get to work.  Welch Kaicho is apparently soo chill that the Zls are freaking out.  Right now the mission has all of this structure set up to help us fullfill our purpose but i feel like if you suddenly took that away the missionaries here wouldnt be ably to function and so they often lose the privelage of guidance from the spirit because they are unwilling to meet the needs of an investigator. 

They are so busy trying to conform to the set "rules" of teaching that they forget to teach people not lessons.  If an investigator needs to hear kingdoms of glory and enduring to the end their first lesson and i feel good about doing that after i pray then im gunna do it because thats what he needs. Im not gunna teach the entire plan of salvation first to get to that point, if he is ready and needs to hear it im gunna teach it. 

This week i had whale yakiniku from a can, not bad pics to follow. See below....eeek

This past week I had a great relax night that i got to spend with one of my brothers from the mtc Brown choro.  He helped me a lot in the maddhouse that was the mtc hahaha.  We spent like 5 hours together just talking in okayama before the meet the president taikai.

Welch Kaicho is amazing and i was greatly moved and motivated after hearing him speak. hardest thing was the daily grind and the comp madness but all is well at the moment.  The investigators are sukunai but they are doing good. we also found a bunch of family potential investigators this past week so we should have a couple more coming up.

Got the box arigato.  It was really nice to get a card from the tuaoas, i miss them.  I worry about them. They will, as the rest of us older kids have found, receive no respite from the storms and perils of this generation. The mouth of hell gapes open with the click of a mouse.  Scary....but true.  So WATCH where your CLICK will take you and don't do anything that would drive away the spirit.

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