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February 9, 2014 Email and Pix


February 9, 2014

Hello everyone! wow this transfer went by so quickly.  Anyways I am transferring to Wakayama and my new companion is Yoshida Choro.  Wakayama is just south of osaka and is much more tokai(city) than miki so i dont have to house all day YAY! haha.  I am doing fine no worry.  The language is still slow but i can communicate fairly well.  I dont need anything right now.  Coolest thing this week was that we got about 3-4in of snow here so we made a snowman and all that good stuffs.  I have pics but i forgot my camera at home so ill send it next week.  Most spiritual thing was our lesson with takashi san on wed.  too bad we have to leave before he gets baptized but i know the new elders coming in will take care of him.  Hardest thing this week was just the daily grind but we find ways to make it fun. we went to yakininku this week which is always good. the bike is not mine anymore so i dont have to worry about it lol.  the branch is doing good.  today we are going to pack and maybe explore a little.  my japanese is gunna be like 1000 times better after this transfer cuz my comp is only gunna speak japanese haha.  it should be hard but also fun.  I will continue to keep everyone in my prayers.  Tell uncle B i said wassup.

Love you guys!!!
February 2, 2014  * No pictures sent because he "forgotted his camera" at the pad, SMH*

Herro family!!! sounds like things are chotto taihen lately.  its not any easier her but i know that you guys will get through it.  i dont need anything right now so no worries.  the budget is alright. it got pretty tight with all the travel and bike repairs but i should be able to run a regular budget this coming transfer.  the weather really warmed up these last few days which has been nice as long as your not riding your bike all over the place haha.  the work is still slow but its been improving this transfer, well anything would have been an improvement but yea.  This week we had stake conference in kobe which was super nice cuz i love kobe. anyways the stake president gave a powerful talk on the requirement of missionary work to have a temple. it was beast!!  most fun thing this week was messing with high schoolers haha some of them are cray.  Hardest thing is finding people to teach, we get refused at 90% of the houses but that makes the ones we find that much better.  my bike is finally all fixed up so hopefuly no more problems.  going to yakiniku on wed but no not really.  i email cam every week and i have also been keeping in touch with the monkeys on maui.  other than that nothing new.  still workin hard.  

Love you guys!!

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